Ships with no captain has arrived in ya dock!

We need ya help, cabin boy. Go to you harbor and fetch some cannon fodda (fishes). Throw it all against  those freshwatah' sailers!

We recommend downloading the game if you want to feel the freshness of the sea, Arr!

This game has been developed in three days for a Ludum Dare Jam, by a team of four developers:

  • Game Designer
    • Alberto Martín Domínguez (@slantar)
  • Programmer & Sounds
    • Gregorio Carvajal Expósito (@hackbeam)
  • Programmer & Animator
    • Olaf Yair Gómez López (@TravlrMind)
  • 3D & UI Artist
    • Imanol Pina Nogales (@imanolartdesign)
  • 3D Artist & Post-Procesing
    • Jonathan Rodríguez Ruiz (@Jnyrr5)
  • FX & 3D Animation Artist
    • Pablo Casar García (@MakinaCasar)


Fish And Ships (64 bits).zip 30 MB
Fish And Ships (32 bits).zip 28 MB

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